Norstar CICSAs a former Nortel technician we support the Nortel Norstar Key systems and Nortel Meridian 1 PBX systems.

Norstar MICSIf you need ongoing support for your existing phone system contact us today.

Whether you have a Norstar, Meridian 1, CS1000 or other Nortel, Northern Telecom, or Nortel Networks system we have the experience and knowledge to help.

Since Avaya has taken ownership of the former Nortel product line of Norstar, Meridian, and Call Pilot many of these have been discontinued.  Recognizing this, we still support these products on a best-effort, case by case basis.  There are many of these devices still in service so if you have one, we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

  • Moves, Adds, Changes
  • Hardware Failure
  • Turn Key Replacement