Secure VPN Network AccessExternal access to a private network generally means creating a Virtual Private Network or VPN connection to your network.  Sometimes called a Tunnel, this VPN connection will allow you to securely access internal network devices such as servers, computers, and printers.  You will have access to your internal applications such as email, file exchange, backup utilities, business application and other applications located on your internal servers. 

If none of your applications are located on your network then you likely will not need VPN access. 

VPN access is most easily achieved through a VPN capable firewall or router.  There is a VPN component of Windows servers that can suffice but there may be compatibility issues depending on what type of encryption it uses.

Sonicwall makes an affordable VPN capable firewall that can be installed and configured without much difficulty.  Extra VPN client licenses will need to be purchased depending on how many users require VPN access.

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