Don’t be ridiculous, of course you do.  Every business has the need for Internet access, well, maybe not every, but I can’t see how you can function in today’s market without adequate Internet service.

So, what are the options and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?

  1. Dial up.  Not an option, forget I mentioned it.  It may be cheap, but it is too slow and cumbersome to provide any value at all.
  2. Satellite.  Advantages:  Sometimes the only solution for “off the grid” locations.  Disadvantages:  Slow response times, 1 to 2 second delay.  Not usable for Voice. Expensive.
  3. DSL.  Advantages:  Affordable, widely available, reasonably high-speed.  Disadvantages:  speeds vary depending on your distance from the providers facility and may not be available at all if you are too far away.
  4. Cable Modem:  Advantages:  Very high speeds, inexpensive, great for Voice Over IP.  Disadvantages:  Not available everywhere – especially rural and some commercial areas do not have service yet.
  5. T1 Service.  Advantages:  High reliability, constant data rate, many business specific features available, available in most all business settings.  Disadvantages: expensive – especially install fees, not super high bandwidth – 1.5meg per T1.  More T1s can always be added but adding that much more expense each time.  Typically higher hardware costs – requires an access device and/or a T1 capable router.
  6. Cell Phone Wireless 3G, 4G.  Advantages:  Affordable, bundled with your cell phone, portable – goes with you.  Disadvantages:  Unreliable signal, speed, and range.
  7. Direct Wireless.  Advantages:  May provide service where other options are unavailable.  Disadvantages:  Usually requires direct line of site and speeds may be slow so Voice Over IP may not work.

The decision on your Internet service type is frequently made for you by your unique situation and what is available at your location.  I have seen situations where cable modem service is available in the building but no more locations can be added without a significant expense to the service provider so they are not willing to give you the service.  Also, your needs often drive the solution such as your reliability and the uptime you require.  If you are running a data center you may require a much greater uptime than store front that only needs occasional email and web capability.

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